Apartment Manager

I used Paul for all the painting needs of a 84-unit high-rise apartment building that I managed. I never even considered using a different painting company after working with Paul. Paul and his crew were always on time and never missed a deadline. Recently I moved on to a new job and moved to a new house. Of course I hired Paul to beautify my new home in beautiful low sheen custom colors. Over the years Paul has become more than a painter, he is a friend that I depend on.

— Jennifer P, Manager–Marina View Apts.

Business owner

I am the owner of City Lights cleaning services, with clients all over East Bay. When my clients ask me if I know of a good painter, I always recommend Paul. He has not disappointed me or any one of them. In fact, for our own condo in Piedmont we used Better Call Paul. He was also booked by my sister and brother in-law for their upcoming projects in Dublin. I strongly recommend him for all your painting and drywall projects.

— Jim V., Business Owner


Home Owner

Just recently, I had Paul paint the interior of my home in Alameda. I have known Paul for a couple of years, but never had a chance to use his services. The job was not easy since all of my belongings were in the house. The project was done very systematically and went perfectly on schedule. Gone are the nicotine ceiling stains and other eyesores. Beautiful custom colors in every room and even the closets, and all of the trim work is shining bright. The price was also right. I am planning to use him again for the enclosed front porch area, if I ever manage to clear it!

— Mike C., Home Owner

Property Investor

I own apartments in San Francisco and on the Peninsula. I have used Paul's painting services for over 14 years. I totally trust Paul with his prices and his quality. Actually, I don’t even ask him for bids anymore. I just show him my project, tell him what I want, and he will send me a fair bill when he is done. Simple as that.

— Mr. Lee, Property Owner


Client List


Property Management Companies:

  • Marina View Apartments, Alameda
  • OMM, Inc., Mason Management, Alameda
  • Premium Properties, Berkeley
  • Woodmont Real Estate Services, Belmont
  • Cambridge Management Co., Santa Clara
  • Robert Ellis Corporation, Fresno
  • G.W. Williams Co., San Mateo

Commercial Clients:

  • Rock Wall Winery, Alameda
  • Hotel Tomo, San Francisco
  • Richard Boland Yachts, Alameda
  • Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco

… and store fronts all over the Bay area